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A representative sampling of the work our staff members have performed in the past or are currently involved in developing for clients.


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The Garden Company  
Click to visit The Garden Company Designed to introduce The Garden Company's services to new and prospective clients, this site performs admirably with every type of browser, so as not to exclude any interested viewer from the content they are seeking. Work performed for Sandpoint Computers, Inc.


Gary Kaemmer -- Artist
Images of the artists' sculpture and bas-relief work. This is a very clean design with minimal text, which could only distract from the images. All works are accessed through a thumbnail gallery and may be viewed at increasingly detailed image sizes. Necessarily a graphically-intensive site, it will load slower than one with minimal graphic elements -- however, we were able to keep the perceived speed within acceptable limits by applying various optimization techniques. Work performed for Sandpoint Computers, Inc.

Click to visit Gary Kaemmer -- Artist

Selected as "Featured Site of the Day" at designshops.com (4Jun99)


Sandpoint Computers, Inc.  
Click to visit Sandpoint Computers This site is a current work-in-progress. It is a frameless makeover of the client's previously frame-based site, which required altogther too much space for basic navigation buttons, particularly when viewed in default 640x480 VGA resolution. The new site degrades gracefully when viewed in older or text-only browsers and will include support for a database-driven online catalog when complete.


Panhandle Linux Users Group
Another work in progress, this organization is in the early stages of being formed and this web site will be an integral part in drawing members together. A frame-based design was chosen to better support the addition of technical discussion forum software which will be run on a Sandpoint Computers application server. All initial work and hosting sponsored by Sandpoint Computers, Inc. -- additional maintenance and expansion to be Pro Bono by Ozone Ranch in collaboration with the organization's member-volunteers. Click to visit PLUG


Kodiak Advertising  
Click to visit Kodiak Advertising A single-page flyer based on Kodiak's own professionally-designed printed materials to reinforce their existing brand awareness with a clean and striking web presence. Work performed as a sub-contractor for WebbAd.


Copyright Tom Yamada, 1999