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As your "Internet Support Department", Ozone Ranch is prepared to provide the following services to you and your firm:

Graphic design and multimedia content development Web site design Web site makeovers
Web-Commerce and Database Applications Website maintenance and marketing Arranging for domain and site hosting
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Graphic design and multimedia content development

Capture your corporate identity and the quality of your company's products and services with professionally-designed logos, banners, buttons, backgrounds as well as scanned, retouched and web-optimized photographs and artwork. Your web-pages will come to life with Flash and Director animations and multimedia clips.

In concert with your web design, or as an project in itself, we can also develop striking artwork for your corporate or organization printed advertising and training materials.

Web site design

Launching an effective web site requires more than just copying an existing brochure onto a web page, but on the other hand it won't necessarily take hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars. Clearly, a company with the web presence of Amazon.com invests millions of dollars and has web development staffing numbering into the hundreds -- but for the largest percentage of firms, a far simpler site can be both appropriate and highly effective.

Your web site is like having a sidewalk and street in front of your store. If these don't exist, many prospective customers will never pay you a visit, or indeed, even be aware that you are in business. If weeds are growing rampantly from a cracked, unswept surface, the condition of that sidewalk may reflect poorly upon your organization. For many of your prospective clients your web site will be that first impression of your firm. A simple presence on the Internet is an unbeatable way to increase exposure, enhance organizational image, and gives you an opportunity to leverage your customer service resources to best advantage. It is, by far, the lowest cost way of gaining world-wide, 7-day-a-week, 24-hour-a-day exposure.

By having our professional graphics and web design staff create your company's website, you can be assured that your resources are being well-invested.
An unattractive, cryptic or chaotic website will translate to lost time, money, and ultimately customers. An effective web site will promote the identity of your business, is easy to understand and navigate, and will deliver a positive online experience for your visitors. It will build brand awareness and deliver the positive online experience that turns visitors into customers.
We have the skills and experience combining top-notch graphics with effective text layouts and new media technologies that get your business or organization the best possible exposure for your investment.

Web site makeovers

As anyone who has spent time browsing the internet can attest, not all web sites are effective.

Altogether too many folks who represent themselves as web site developers are "all hat and no cattle", and would have trouble hitting the ground with that big hat even if they had three throws.
Many, though competent computer users, lack even basic graphic design training or experience. You can tell their pages because they tend to be unattractive, slow loading and difficult to navigate -- no matter what browser you use. Other developers have graphic design experience, but have not developed proficiency with the challenges of new forms of Internet media. Their pages tend to be thoughtfully laid out, but are usually slow to load and may exhibit strange, unintended behaviors if you are not using the particular browser software the designer uses.
At Ozone Ranch, we have proficiency and experience in the full range of skills necessary to bring your highly-effective web site in on-time and on-budget. Pages we design are functional in all browsers. Even our most graphically-intensive sites are navigable in text-only browsers as well as audio browsers used by seeing-disabled web surfers.

If your existing site or site developer is not meeting your expectations, ask us about a free courtesy evaluation. If your site needs a new look, navigational redesign, information update, or a shiny new logo or graphic, we stand by to provide the services you require.

Web-Commerce and Database Applications

Web commerce technologies let you market your merchandise and services directly through your web pages.
Secure servers permit your customers to enter credit-card information with confidence that their privacy will not be violated.
Web databases are used in concert with other commerce services to provide more comprehensive and up-to-date catalog entries as well as advanced searching options, in-stock status, and to allow order status queries.
They can additionally make the management of valuable customer information more effective and timely.

Web databases are also useful in non-commerce settings to provide access to company databases by browsers on the Internet or on private company intranets.
An effective web database can often reduce the load on your support call-center by allowing your customers or employees to do basic research on their own and by providing automated technical support functions.
Internally, web databases can be used with ubiquitous desktop browsers in a client/server role for both data retrieval and entry.

Ozone Ranch staff includes personnel with experience applying the technologies needed to empower your web site by the addition of a powerful database backend.

Website maintenance and marketing

There's more to a successful web site than just design and implementation. To be sure, that is an absolutely-necessary first step -- but for many sites, particularly commercial ones, interested folks may need help getting to it the first time.

If all of your interested parties are reachable by traditional media, that may be a productive means of letting them know your internet address, particularly if you can piggyback that new bit of information into already-budgeted advertising expenses.
Failing that, or in addition to it, Internet marketing and search engine indexing are the next actions to consider. We will work with you to submit your site to all the major search engines and directories, and to identify industry/interest group links, as well as additional marketing and/or advertising opportunities.

We also stand ready to be of service should your web site require updating or in the event that other changes are required.

Arranging for domain and site hosting

Unlike many other design shops, we chose to leave the actual day-to-day operation of web and application servers to folks who do nothing but that, day-in and day-out.
For one thing, even though North Idaho is a great place to live, it's a so-so place to run a web server in terms of both power and telecommunications. We prefer to host sites on servers closer to the Internet's backbone, and spend our time and efforts delivering the best possible, most effective web sites for our clients!

We do offer several services related to overseeing the actual registration of your domain name, arranging for the hosting of your site, setting up e-mail accounts, e-commerce/secure ordering and configuring forwarding services. The particular services you will require will vary depending on characteristics of your proposed site. See our pricing page for specific information.
If you already have an Internet account including adequate space on a server, and the server and it's Internet connection are reliable, you might even consider our "Frugal Domain" plan. This provides a real "www.somesortofnamehere.com" address to your full web site for a fraction of the cost of typical site hosting plans, through the miracle of URL-forwarding. If you don't have the space from an existing Internet account, and the plan sounds makes sense to you otherwise, we can arrange for server space on a good, reliable server for a modest cost as well.

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